Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Industries: Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy, Yamaha Racing, Honda Racing

We have recently signed on with One Industries for some choice new apparel. It is absolutely incredible the response we have received with these lines. Obviously, we have loved Monster Energy apparel since the beginning. Not only are they a big sponsor of drag racing with the Monster Energy/Lucas Oil Funny Car & Tommy Johnson Jr. driving, but it's also just cool.

Something about that Monster claw, it seems to reach across a number of demographics. In our retail store we have kids as young as 6 or 7 and adults into their 40's and 50's buying it. There are a couple of items in the Monster Clothing line that stand out. First the Monster Energy Race Hoodie Sweatshirt this sweatshirt is a hard one to keep in the store. Every time we receive a shipment they are shipped out as fast as we get them in. Fortunately, One Industries is a great company to work with and we can fill our orders quickly.

Another exceedingly popular Monster Energy clothing item is the matching Race hat. It is a flexfit hat and has three sizes available, 0/S (Kid's Monster Energy Hat), S/M and L/XL.

Now here is the best part, this year they have added a Ladies Monster Energy Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is mine soon, riiight, Troy?? Ahh, maybe I'll find one under the tree this year. Anyway, it's just a fun sweatshirt and so comfy. Their sweatshirts are so soft and the quality is top of the line.

Ok, a few more items worth mentioning in the Monster Energy lineup for 2009. Two new Kid's Monster Energy Sweatshirts. One is black with a large embroidered Monster claw in the middle and the other a unique mix of black and army green in a striped & zigzag pattern.

Another couple of items worth mentioning, a new Monster Energy Backpack. It measures H17" X W16" X D10". Maybe a little spendy for your typical bookbag at $69.95, but its quality is top notch and it's guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. Personally, I don't buy my kids many namebrand items, but there are a few items I splurge on ~ shoes and winter coats. I tell you what after replacing several cheap bookbags I'm considering adding this to the list. It looks like it would be great for overnight trips or carrying around all the game systems.

And the Monster Energy Umbrella. Perfect for any race fan ~ you just never know what the weather will do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tri-State Raceway in Earlville, IA

Well, it's been a crazy summer for us at Drag Racing Heaven. We had such a blast in Brainerd that as soon as we got home we wanted to go right back to racing. Imagine that!

Our next chance turned out to be Tri-State Raceway in Earlville for the final Division 5. My brothers Matt and Nate offered up their kick butt vending semi. They had just returned from a trip to New Mexico with it for their business,, and said if we were up for it they would go in on it with us. As it turned out Matt drove it to Earlville for us and it was all ours. Thanks Matt & Nate! You're the best!

Talk about an excellent experience! We were able to get in on the races, meet tons of cool people and do what we do best ~ promote drag racing. We look forward to many more events in 2009, so keep an eye out for us!

If any of our readers out there are also into the extreme sport of bull riding, barrel racing, saddle bronc or roping be sure to check out my brother's website at They are major suppliers for all rough stock equipment. They have also recently added a unique line of Western Home Decor and Gifts. Good job guys, keep leading the way for us!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

We loved Brainerd International Raceway

Well, we made it back from Brainerd. Not soon enough for a few I'm afraid. First of all, I would like to apologize to the group from Des Moines that stopped by the store on Monday and found our doors closed. We had someone lined up to work at the store on Saturday and Monday, but something came up for them on Monday and we were still in Brainerd with no backup plan. Both Troy & I obviously feel terrible about it. We spent all that time in Brainerd having a blast promoting the business and then something like that happens.

So to the group from Des Moines, we wish you would have left a contact number. We would love to make it right with you. This business is so much more to us then just a job and what happened was a mistake.

Brainerd this year seemed better then ever. We arrived late Friday night and met up with our group in family camping. Everyone was still wide awake and ready to go. One of our favorite things to do at night is go out to "the zoo" exploring and meet new people. So as soon as we got there we took both of the new carts and headed out to Camp Pallet. It was as wild as ever. Probably a couple of hundred people, great music , rickshaw races, and of course, a huge fire. We did a lot of catching up with people from years past and stayed out a little past our bedtime. It was a good time and we didn't see anything that was too crazy that night. There were probably 10-12 "men in brown" there the whole time we were. That seemed like more then usual, but they were definitely on top of things.

One of our other favorite things to do in Brainerd is to go through the pit area and the starting line. We spent a lot of time Saturday watching what was happening in the pits. It's cool to see the crew tearing down the cars and doing the testing and tuning. Troy of course had to get his Nitro hit. Not something I can stand to do but he just loves it. We did get some autographs that day. The crowds weren't too bad and we never had to wait long. It always amazes me what people drag around to get autographed. Most of the time it's tires but sometimes we see people carrying things like car hoods. We've noticed too, if you have a child with you you're sure to get an autograph pretty quick.

Troy grabbed some "Famous Dave's BBQ" for lunch, but I can't stand most of the vending food (it's a me thing) so we took a short walk over to Tom Thumb's. It was a nice little escape. I can't believe more people don't do that. I loved just being able to sit down in some A/C and shade and eat in peace. Tom Thumb is so close you don't feel like you've left all the action.

Saturday night we took a few cruises out to "the zoo". Things have changed so much out there this year that I couldn't keep up with where we were. They have added several new roads and an overpass bridge. Eventually we parked it for the fireworks and it was well worth paying attention to. They were absolutely the best fireworks we've ever seen. I took some video clips of it, but they don't really do them justice. I will remember they were worth taking time out for next year.

We ended up at Camp Pallet again where they were still doing the Rickshaw races and they had some guy ducktaped to a tree. I'm still not sure what was up with that, but I talked to the guy myself and he was there on his own free will. I don't think he will be volunteering himself that way next year. It will take him months just to get back to his normal skin color. If you look at the pictures of him in the photo gallery you will know what I mean. Maybe I'll post one up with this, but I'm a little afraid of the feedback I will get for it.

I'm going to post this for now and finish it up later. Gotta go. Angie

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drag Racing Heaven in Brainerd!

Well, technically our store won't be in Brainerd. Troy & I will be though and no one can deny that there will be drag racing heaven in Brainerd!

We will be taking off Friday after the store closes and hope to be there before midnight. We are so ready to go ~ it's time to get some racing in for the year!! We are meeting up with good friends in family camping. Keep an eye out for us. We will be wearing our new shirts "I survived "THE ZOO" Brainerd International Raceway" with our logo. They are pretty cool and we will be giving a few away. We've also got several hundred new keychains to give away. So if you see us make sure to let us know you've visited our site and we'd like to get some new pictures for our photo gallery.

The last couple of years we have had a blast on the "Geo Limo", which was custom built by our close friend Rick Wyborny. It seated 12 or more depending on the night and it always gained a lot of attention. Unfortunately, this year the "Geo Limo" met it's demise and had to be parted out. The good side to the story is this year Rick and his boys built two more, they aren't limos but they are still going to be something you just don't see everyday. So if you see a group in a custom Monster Energy Convertible Geo or a very unusual looking truck-like contraption that looks like it could pull airplanes ~~ make sure to give us a shout.

Hope to meet you at the track.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Southbridge Mall Disaster Relief Fund Raiser

Some of you may not realize that we are located in Iowa. This year Iowa has had a lot of misfortune as far as weather and disasters. First there was a major tornado (EF-5, with estimated wind speeds up to 205 mph)in Parkersburg, IA which killed 7 people. It also destroyed a huge amount of the town. Since that happened we decided to make our tornado shelter a little more comfy for the kids and have been taking tornado warnings a little more seriously.

About 2 weeks after that happened much of Iowa was hit with major flooding. At our home our son woke us up at 4:30am to let us know he was walking around in water. He was rather confused. We got up and realized all of our bedrooms and bathroom were filling with water. The electricity had gone out several times over night and the power company had been keeping up with it. Eventually, they were too overloaded to keep up and our electricity was out for several hours. Since we aren't in a flood plain and had never flooded before we didn't have a generator setup and our sump pump was no longer running. After a few hours we were able to get all the water out but we had a lot of work ahead of us for the next few days. We got lucky. We know many of our neighbors had septic backup in their homes and instead of inches of water many had feet of water.

In our town, especially along water ways, basements were collapsing and people had to be evacuated by boat. By the end of the first day our town of about 30,000 was out of water. Our water treatment facility was flooded and they feared the water was contaminated. Our town went for 1 week without water. This affected so many things. No toilets, showers, dish washing, clothes washing, you get the idea. Things got rather primitive. All the restaurants in town were shut down. After a few days porta potties were brought in and placed every few blocks. It was difficult for any businesses to stay open because of the sanitary conditions. Our store was closed for a couple of days and we just did the best we could to keep up with online orders.

It's been over a month now since all this happened and people are still suffering. There are a lot of people that still are not in their homes and are having to pay not only their house payments, but rent for temporary living. Many families literally lost everything. I just can't imagine what that would be like.

We decided we wanted to do what we could to help out the agencies that support our community for disaster relief. It's just nice to know they are there when you need them. You never know when you or your family might need them. We decided to ask the mall our store is in to support a fund raiser. They were behind us 100% and thought it was an excellent idea. We started collecting donations of rummage sale items at the mall in drop boxes about 3 weeks ago. It was unbelievable how quickly word got around and we had an entire store full of items. It took quite a bit of time, but eventually we were able to get those items sorted and hung on racks. We also collected silent auction donations from local businesses. We didn't quite reach our goal of $5000, but we got close. We raised just over $4000 in a day and a half. I'm sure with a few more volunteers and a little more time for the sale we could have done a lot more, but it was time to get back to our work and families. Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of the big sale! All proceeds were split equally between our local Red Cross, Salvation Army and the United Way.

Make the most of the rest of your summer!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NHRA's Scott Kalitta killed in crash

Posted Jun 21st 2008 7:25PM by Bruce Ciskie

46-year-old Scott Kalitta, who has been driving race cars for over 25 years, was killed today in a crash at NHRA qualifying in New Jersey. The Englishtown track was the site of Kalitta's debut in 1982.

Kalitta's Funny Car broke apart when his engine exploded at the end of a qualifying run. He had no ability to stop the racecar, and it crashed into a wall at the end of the track, bursting into flames upon impact.

ESPN, scheduled to show qualifying runs from the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, confirmed an earlier Associated Press story that reported Kalitta's death. ESPN showed the crash, and while I am not by any means an expert on drag racing, I have to say it is among the worst crashes I have ever seen in any form of racing. The coverage currently airing on ESPN has intimated that Kalitta was killed instantly.

A dedicated Florida customer

I was checking my email the other day when I got this email from one of our loyal customers from Florida. Attached where these pictures of my dream garage 32'X50'with 12'6" ceilings that by the way HE owns and HIS bad a*@# 1967 SS Camaro. This car has a 425 HP 427 big block with a M22 rock crusher 4 speed transmission to handle the torque and a 12 bolt with 3:73 to put that power to the road. All I could do was just sit there and drool. Of course I emailed him back and thanked him for making my day.

I love cars and it is so cool to be a part of making his garage as cool as it can be with the addition of the banners and signs he ordered from us. I had to share this with everyone so I contacted him and asked if I could use this for my blog and thankfully he said yes. Well I hope you all have enjoyed these two works of art as much as I have and if you have a car or garage you would like to share with all of us send me an email with some pics and I'll try to get something put together.

Troy Dodd


Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love this idea!

Race tracks looking for ways to make a little extra money are going to let fans test their drag racing skills. This article was about the Nashville Superspeedway in LEBANON, Tennessee. Starting May 16th the public will be able to drag race along the .8 mile pit road for $20 and it will cost $5 to watch. They will have nine nights of open racing through Sept. 12. Here is a link to their track.

I would love to try it myself. Someone let me know if you know of a track in Iowa that does that!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Ashley Force T-Shirt

Can you believe we already have the new Ashley Force "History Made" shirt coming in. I have a picture of it for all to see. She got that first funny car event win under her belt and now its time to add this shirt to your collection of drag racing paraphernalia. She went into the final round and left the champ smoking the tires at the line. I knew she would win, no man would deprive there kid a chance to win that first National event not even for his 1000 win. I think getting that number 1000 on his 59th birthday was cool anyway.

I have something a little different for my next blog. I was talking with a customer on the phone the other day about the car they race and would like to share it with everyone so stay "tuned".

See you later,

Monday, May 5, 2008

Drag Racing in California -

I was doing some research today on Drag Racing in California. I wanted to learn more about what California has to offer for drag racing because such a huge amount of our customers come from there. Anyway, I came across this website that I thought I would share. It shows the destruction of a popular drag strip, Los Angeles County Raceway in Littlerock, CA. The track had been open since 1964 and was closed last year because the leaseholder, Granite Construction, wanted to continue to mine the ground under the track. All in the name of business. Reminds me of the destruction of our beloved Drive-in Theater in our area. Sorry, but just what we needed... another car dealership.

Here is a ariel photo of the track before it was closed.

Here is a video of the track, I believe the day after they had to close the track. As of today I don't believe they have found a new home for the track. Visit this website for more information.

That's all for now.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Time Flies

You know that old saying that "time flies" well that is so true. I was sitting here thinking about what to write and I was just amazed that since my last blog Ashley Force got her first nation win in funny car, John Force made his 500th event and his 999th round win and they where already at their next event. Well the qualifying rounds are over and Tim Wilkerson has once again nabbed the pole. We will have to see how the chips land tomorrow.

I listened to the races on which are in Madison, IL but I really wanted to be there. You know its only 7 or 8 hours away from here, and that's close for a national event. Well, hopefully next year we will have things going strong here at and can take some time off to go to at least 4 or 5 of the nationals and lots of local events.

The store seems so empty now that the jr. dragster and Scott's drag sled are gone. I just want to say thank you to Myron and Henning Racing for letting us display them for the last few months. It was cool to see the look on kids faces when they see them and I already have people stopping in asking about them and where they are. I hope we can get some more display cars or something in here again soon.

If you or someone you know has something that we could display let me know. I did get something super cool from a guy that used to work for NHRA back in the 70's the other day. It's the decal of the National Hot Rod Association Street Division at the top of this blog. He said he would give it to me if I would keep it, and of course I said "they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands". I have found a coat patch to match it and plan to put them and some other things together in a NHRA wall hanging for the store.

Well, I gotta go.

See ya at the track,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nitro Junkie

It just wouldn't be right not to write a blog about John Force Racing or Nitro cars in general. When we where out in California we stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Yorba Linda with the guys from the JFR camp. I had a chance to talk to one of the guys and man they are dedicated to succeeding in this sport. Even after putting Robert Hight's car in the winners circle and John and Ashley going all those rounds there was no pool party no party at all. He told me they would be back at the track testing in the morning on Monday.
I hope Ashley Force can get that first funny car win soon she has come so close and she sure has come a long way over the last year. As for John Force He is going for his 500th career start in Atlanta, whats next for that crazy hound dog? He sure likes to set the bar high.
On the flip side I was glad to see Fast Jack Beckmen, Tony Pedregon, Del Worsham and Tim Wilkerson get there wins. Tim has had so many number one starts but the wins just didn't come with them. Del has worked hard and has vary much earned his win and he doesn't have that multiple car team to get all that ever so needed data. We where at the race in Pomona when Tony's car blew to pieces and yet he comes back and wins at Gainesville WOW! As for Fast Jack I think he has what it takes to get that team a championship and he is a very friendly guy.
Its to bad you have to have a Favorite team because I think there are so many great people in drag racing. I guess my vote will stay with John Force because he works hard promoting drag racing and who else can talk that fast and get that much information into a 30 second interview. You have to feel sorry for the NASCAR fans they have no idea what a great group of friendly people we get to talk to at the track, from the stockers to the nitro pits. remember they don't get a pit pass with every ticket like we do.
Well I better stop blogging and get some stuff sold so we can go watch some racing.

Spring has arrived

We all have been on the edge our seats hoping the weather would change and we could get back to racing. It doesn't mater if you are a racer or a fan it felt like this winter just didn't want to end. Thank God spring is here. The cars are migrating back to the tracks,the fans are climbing out of there caves, and the weather is starting to cooperate. I talked to Clarence Mayo (Blue Bandit Racing) the other night, they took their car to TRI-STATE RACEWAY to gather some much needed data but the track was loose and all they got out of the trip was an empty tank of gas. I hope they have a great weekend at Great Bend, KS. Come home with a win.!

I hope to hear from more of you racers, its really cool to know what's going on at different events and hear some great stories that first win of the season. You can drop by the store, drop me an email, or call anytime.

Well back to work,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back from the Winternationals in Pomona

Wow I can’t believe how fast time has been going. It feels like we just got back from Pomona but it’s been over a month now. Well as you can guess we had a great time in California, and when I say we I’m talking about the wild hogs from DragRacingHeaven Troy Dodd, Rick Wyborny and two of his boys Jeremy and Taylor. Four guys 2000 miles how wild can it get. We never did cross with the Del Fuegos but that is a good thing. (from Wild Hogs the movie for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about).

Anyway the weather couldn’t have been better, on Sunday there was about 100 degree difference between Mason City, IA and Pomona, CA. We all got some color from the hot sun and that was just what we need to pause our winter time blues.

I met some very interesting people at the track and was able to do a lot of website promoting. I had a talk with one of the guys that invented the poop chute bag.

Q. What is a POOP CHUTE?
A. POOP CHUTE is a novelty Hitch Cover that looks like a parachute bag. It's a unique way to express your love for drag racing. " NO IT DOESN'T OPEN "

Check out there website at

I also had about 40 diecast cars signed by the drivers so if you collect diecast come in and check them out.

When we got home we checked the website traffic form California and it’s been kicking butt and that tells me we need to go to every race we can. The more people we can get to the site the more we can grow to the point that we can expand and get some more drives gear. Our vision is to be the one stop shop so no matter what driver you like we will have something for you. I would like to go beyond the pro also and get some sportsman shirts and hats.

Well I guess I better get back to work before the boss finds me watching drag racing and talking to gear heads. Oh yah that’s my job, I guess there has to be some reason I do this.

See ya at the track,


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Monster! Monster! Monster!

Monster is hot right now! We are selling a lot of Monster Energy products right now. "WHY?" Well, I don't think it is about the drink nearly as much as the cool black and green and of course the big "Monster Claw"! They've done their homework on the marketing and it seems to be working.

We are doing our best to offer more Monster Energy products. Here are a few of our most popular Monster products.

Buy a Monster Claw Lighted Keychain - $14.99 at Drag Racing Heaven

Buy a Kenny Bernstein Monster Hat - $25.00 at Drag Racing Heaven

Buy a Monster Energy Shirt - $15.00 at Drag Racing Heaven

Buy a Monster Energy Mug - $14.99 at Drag Racing Heaven

Buy a Monster Energy Shot Glass $9.99 at Drag Racing Heaven

Friday, February 15, 2008

5 Under $15

You can't go wrong with any of these 5 items under $15 for drag racing fans.

1. CH3NO2 Barrel 12oz. Mug "Nitro Rules" - $10.00

Purchase "Nitro Rules" at our Secure Shopping Cart

Purchase "NHRA JUMBO COFFEE MUG" at our Secure Shopping Cart

3. "An Army of One" Tony Schumacher Framed Print - $15.00
Purchase "An Army of One" at our Secure Shopping Cart

4. John Force 14X Champ Pit Area Sign- $14.00
Purchase "John Force 14X Champ Pit Area Sign" at our Secure Shopping Cart

5. Big Bore Exhaust Ear Plugs- $10.45
Purchase "Big Bore Exhaust Ear Plugs" at our Secure Shopping Cart


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Troy's Goin to the Pomona Winternationals

Anyone who is a drag racing fan knows the first drag racing event of the year is coming up February 7th in Pomona, California. Last week a friend of ours, Rick was in the store and we were talking about how awesome it would be to go to Pomona. We started looking online at prices and it's all history from there. Troy, Rick and two of his sons are leaving for the CARQUEST Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, CA Thursday morning from Minneapolis!!!!

The event is the first of 18 in the initial segment of the Countdown to the Championship that will determine the 2008 NHRA POWERade world champions. The tour returns to Pomona Nov. 13-16 for the season-ending Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals.

They will be staying a week and going to the Wally Park's NHRA Museum, the John Force Race Station and getting tons of our merchandise signed by all the drivers. We'll post pictures and details of the trip when they get back.

Anyone who has ever made the trip to Pomona, California write to us and share your experience.