Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring has arrived

We all have been on the edge our seats hoping the weather would change and we could get back to racing. It doesn't mater if you are a racer or a fan it felt like this winter just didn't want to end. Thank God spring is here. The cars are migrating back to the tracks,the fans are climbing out of there caves, and the weather is starting to cooperate. I talked to Clarence Mayo (Blue Bandit Racing) the other night, they took their car to TRI-STATE RACEWAY to gather some much needed data but the track was loose and all they got out of the trip was an empty tank of gas. I hope they have a great weekend at Great Bend, KS. Come home with a win.!

I hope to hear from more of you racers, its really cool to know what's going on at different events and hear some great stories that first win of the season. You can drop by the store, drop me an email, or call anytime.

Well back to work,

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