Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Ashley Force T-Shirt

Can you believe we already have the new Ashley Force "History Made" shirt coming in. I have a picture of it for all to see. She got that first funny car event win under her belt and now its time to add this shirt to your collection of drag racing paraphernalia. She went into the final round and left the champ smoking the tires at the line. I knew she would win, no man would deprive there kid a chance to win that first National event not even for his 1000 win. I think getting that number 1000 on his 59th birthday was cool anyway.

I have something a little different for my next blog. I was talking with a customer on the phone the other day about the car they race and would like to share it with everyone so stay "tuned".

See you later,

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, Ashley Rules.