Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drag Racing Heaven in Brainerd!

Well, technically our store won't be in Brainerd. Troy & I will be though and no one can deny that there will be drag racing heaven in Brainerd!

We will be taking off Friday after the store closes and hope to be there before midnight. We are so ready to go ~ it's time to get some racing in for the year!! We are meeting up with good friends in family camping. Keep an eye out for us. We will be wearing our new shirts "I survived "THE ZOO" Brainerd International Raceway" with our logo. They are pretty cool and we will be giving a few away. We've also got several hundred new keychains to give away. So if you see us make sure to let us know you've visited our site and we'd like to get some new pictures for our photo gallery.

The last couple of years we have had a blast on the "Geo Limo", which was custom built by our close friend Rick Wyborny. It seated 12 or more depending on the night and it always gained a lot of attention. Unfortunately, this year the "Geo Limo" met it's demise and had to be parted out. The good side to the story is this year Rick and his boys built two more, they aren't limos but they are still going to be something you just don't see everyday. So if you see a group in a custom Monster Energy Convertible Geo or a very unusual looking truck-like contraption that looks like it could pull airplanes ~~ make sure to give us a shout.

Hope to meet you at the track.

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