Thursday, August 14, 2008

We loved Brainerd International Raceway

Well, we made it back from Brainerd. Not soon enough for a few I'm afraid. First of all, I would like to apologize to the group from Des Moines that stopped by the store on Monday and found our doors closed. We had someone lined up to work at the store on Saturday and Monday, but something came up for them on Monday and we were still in Brainerd with no backup plan. Both Troy & I obviously feel terrible about it. We spent all that time in Brainerd having a blast promoting the business and then something like that happens.

So to the group from Des Moines, we wish you would have left a contact number. We would love to make it right with you. This business is so much more to us then just a job and what happened was a mistake.

Brainerd this year seemed better then ever. We arrived late Friday night and met up with our group in family camping. Everyone was still wide awake and ready to go. One of our favorite things to do at night is go out to "the zoo" exploring and meet new people. So as soon as we got there we took both of the new carts and headed out to Camp Pallet. It was as wild as ever. Probably a couple of hundred people, great music , rickshaw races, and of course, a huge fire. We did a lot of catching up with people from years past and stayed out a little past our bedtime. It was a good time and we didn't see anything that was too crazy that night. There were probably 10-12 "men in brown" there the whole time we were. That seemed like more then usual, but they were definitely on top of things.

One of our other favorite things to do in Brainerd is to go through the pit area and the starting line. We spent a lot of time Saturday watching what was happening in the pits. It's cool to see the crew tearing down the cars and doing the testing and tuning. Troy of course had to get his Nitro hit. Not something I can stand to do but he just loves it. We did get some autographs that day. The crowds weren't too bad and we never had to wait long. It always amazes me what people drag around to get autographed. Most of the time it's tires but sometimes we see people carrying things like car hoods. We've noticed too, if you have a child with you you're sure to get an autograph pretty quick.

Troy grabbed some "Famous Dave's BBQ" for lunch, but I can't stand most of the vending food (it's a me thing) so we took a short walk over to Tom Thumb's. It was a nice little escape. I can't believe more people don't do that. I loved just being able to sit down in some A/C and shade and eat in peace. Tom Thumb is so close you don't feel like you've left all the action.

Saturday night we took a few cruises out to "the zoo". Things have changed so much out there this year that I couldn't keep up with where we were. They have added several new roads and an overpass bridge. Eventually we parked it for the fireworks and it was well worth paying attention to. They were absolutely the best fireworks we've ever seen. I took some video clips of it, but they don't really do them justice. I will remember they were worth taking time out for next year.

We ended up at Camp Pallet again where they were still doing the Rickshaw races and they had some guy ducktaped to a tree. I'm still not sure what was up with that, but I talked to the guy myself and he was there on his own free will. I don't think he will be volunteering himself that way next year. It will take him months just to get back to his normal skin color. If you look at the pictures of him in the photo gallery you will know what I mean. Maybe I'll post one up with this, but I'm a little afraid of the feedback I will get for it.

I'm going to post this for now and finish it up later. Gotta go. Angie

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