Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello everyone. Our blog today was composed by an Iowa drag racer with a concern for her local track. Please take the time to read this and if you have any questions or comments please send us a note at 
Thank you,
Troy Dodd
                Humboldt County Dragway is an 1/8th mile dragstrip located east of Humboldt, Iowa. The track opened in 1962. This leaves Humboldt County Dragway as the oldest drag strip in Iowa. Many people have learned to race at the Humboldt dragway. This track is relatively small, but with that atmosphere comes a small town community feel. The people at Humboldt are very kind. Everyone is always willing to help a fellow driver in need, whether it involves car parts or the art of racing itself. The track personnel are willing to take to time to teach each person who comes to the track the rules and motions of racing. This is a place where you do not need to feel any type of pressure, being rushed or otherwise.  There are a variety of classes offered, which means that everyone can find the perfect fit for their racing needs. Time trials are not called up by class, so there is no chance of missing your turn. You can get as many time runs as you please.
                The recession and rising gas prices have lead many people to postpone their racing careers, or find a new hobby altogether. Since there are only five drag strips in the state of Iowa, we wish to preserve this landmark. We are creating a “Humboldt County Dragway Fundraiser.” We plan to have t-shirts for sale, as well as CD’s containing photos of our racers. We really want to put the Humboldt County Dragway name out in the open, so we can keep this place alive. Please check out to contact one of us for more information of what you can do to help preserve this race track. One thing that you can do is to come see us! There are drag races every Saturday night beginning April 17th, 2011. Time trials begin at 3:30 pm and run until 6:30, with eliminations starting at 7:00pm. Street legal cars and bikes are welcome! Entry fees are $40 for money car and driver, $25 for trophy car and driver, and $7 for spectator. Thank you racers for you past, present, and future support.

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